Mind-Body Medicine

Enhancing Health Care through Self-Care

Mind-body medicine focuses on the interactions among the mind, body, and behavior, and on the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect health. It regards as fundamental an approach that respects and enhances each person’s capacity for self-knowledge and self-care, and it emphasizes techniques that are grounded in this approach.

Exactly how psychological and social factors, personal beliefs, and stress affect the development of disease continues to be studied. It is known, however, that the mind and body communicate constantly. What the mind thinks, perceives, and experiences is sent from our brain to the rest of the body. Mind-body medicine teaches you how to take control of your life — how to use your own healing power to reduce stress and other negative behaviors and thoughts — and thus maintain or regain physical and psychological health.


Kathy offers Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) groups which emphasize the art of self-care as crucial to the prevention and treatment of all chronic illness and to the fulfillment of our human potential. The MBM groups are designed to revive the spirit and transform the body, increasing joy and enhancing physical health and emotional well-being. This experiential group uses  meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback and autogenic training*, breathing, movement and self-expression through words and drawings, to teach participants the most effective tools for self-care and stress management.

The model for the MBM groups taught by Kathy at Sagepoint Institute is the group model designed and taught around the world by The Center for Mind-Body Medicine located in Washington DC. The founder of the program, James Gordon, MD and the former Chairman of the White House Commission on the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, has developed a powerful program designed to challenge and change the current view of health care, stating that “self care is the true primary care” and “health promotion is a way of life”. In 2009 Saybrook University announced their educational affiliation with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine to offer students the opportunity to earn Masters and Doctoral degrees. Kathy is currently pursuing her Ph.D degree in the Mind-Body Medicine program through this joint program.

* Autogenic Training restores the balance between the activity of the sympathetic (flight or fight) and the parasympathetic (rest and digest) branches of the autonomic nervous system. This has important health benefits, as the parasympathetic activity promotes digestion and bowel movements, lowers the blood pressure, slows the heart rate, and promotes the functions of the immune system.


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