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Is your relationship in trouble?

Relationship difficulties tend to surface as communication problems and are one of the main reasons people seek out psychotherapy. But often communication problems are reflective of deeper issues that have not been addressed by each person. Fears, past hurts, family of origin issues, mental health problems, infidelity or substance abuse are all potentially part of that mix. Often those problems get projected into the relationship in the form of misunderstandings and communication problems. Children will often pick up on the tension, become triangulated into the conflict and suddenly begin acting out.

There are ways to immediately begin to address the pain and hurt you may be enduring or inflicting on each other even if there are deeper issues underlying the problems in the relationship. Relationships can be saved and enriched through learning about your particular conflict styles, identifying and communicating your needs and wants in the relationship and working through fears and false beliefs that block expression of loving feelings.

Signs and Symptoms of Relationship Problems

  • Avoidance or distance of one another.
  • Power struggles over money, sex, children.
  • Lack of joy or fun with each other.
  • Bickering or fighting.
  • Pain.
  • Boredom in the relationship.
  • Lack of sex.
  • Feeling unloved and/or unloving.

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